Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Personal Backup Appliance 1.1.1-RC1

Download it here:


It's a release candidate. I'd like people to test it before I make it a real release. There's a PXE server, and multicast is supported. Both are accessed through pba-server-console. By default the PXE server is not started.

The kernel served by the PXE server isn't the same as that served by the client CD. It doesn't support SCSI storage and you may have trouble with it on legacy-free systems. Other than that it works. I tested it using VMware machines with IDE storage.

If you have a lab of machines, as many as you can round up, then please help test the multicast feature with different filesystems (NTFS, ext3, LVM). I am uncertain of its robustness.


gianlauk said...

I've tested the release and appreciated the new interface to configure the NIC.
However seems that the service "dhcpd3 -pf" renew the ip whith a dhcp also if you set a fix ip with the wizard.
Also related to networking, is the difficulty to open the firewall port without knowledge of iptables. The preinstallation of webmin could give a tool to do it and a lot more on the server.

Nadia Sam Cyrus said...

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