Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Asus Eee PC

I've been thinking about getting an Asus Eee PC. It runs Linux and has a solid state hard disk. I'd really like to get the 8G model, but at $499, it starts to get pricy. If it had a higher resolution display, I'd buy it immediately, but lately, I've been thinking more about getting the cheap $299 2G model. The first thing I'd do is backup the Xandros disk image with PBA and then start experimenting with other distros.


stan wu said...
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stan wu said...

I had one 4G SSD Eee PC, you don't need backup the image file, ASUS had included one restore DVD, you can restore OS anytime

rxhui said...

That's awesome. Thanks.

rxhui said...

This looks interesting:


Chris said...

I have the 900 model which came with a 20 gb HDD and 1 gb RAM and can run Windows XP. The box has a restore disk for the ASUS Linux OS and a drivers disk for Windows XP.

I played with live CDs of various Linuxes (is that a word?) specifically- Puppy, DSL, Ubuntu 8.04. All ran fine but none would use the Wireless or sound. There may have been other drivers that didn't work as well but I was just playing and didn't take the time to really make it work.

I actually like the default OS. It's not too shabby! It runs really really well and I can get 3-4 hours of use out of the battery for web stuff. The EEE PC sees USB drives really well and I have an external USB DVDRW. Both work flawlessly. The default OS appears to be built on Xandros.

Complaints- none really. The keyboard is very tiny and hard to type on. Not so much because it's tiny, but because it's keys are hard to push. Much more so than a normal laptop. There isn't a good image editing tool.

I haven't tried to install anything yet. As I said, it has everything I need to use for now!

I would recommend this laptop to a student who needs portability. As for a power user like me who does photos and advanced networking stuff- it would need a little tweaking but it's so dang cute I can't resist loving it!