Thursday, September 21, 2006

Download PCLinuxOS 0.93a Big Daddy

PCLinuxOS 0.93a Big Daddy VMware VM
Current Version: 1.0.0
Release Date: 9/21/06
MD5SUM: 18f3d02abab24e8012de9f989e14b27b

Size: 750MB
VMware Tools: Installed
login: vmware
password: vmware
root password: toor

Download: torrent

This is a VMware VM release from The Canned OS Project.
PCLinuxOS is #7 on PCLinuxOS is based on Mandrake Linux and uses apt-get as its package manager. It's really slick! The Big Daddy Edition is for those who want lots of apps out-of-the-box from their distro.


archangels911 said...

Thank you for this image - it runs fast and clean on my Windows box. Your efforts are much appreciated.

I have one problem though: I cannot mange to connect to the internet (I am also using the openSuse 10.2 image , which connects automatically, so I was a bit surprised!).

I connect to the internet with an ethernet card and a router.

Any advice would be appreciated greatly.



John said...

rxhui - FYI I will be removing shortly the torrent for Big Daddy VMware VM at the LinuxTracker for 0.93a Big Daddy VMware VM

It is way past its life span now (almost all 0.93/2004 repositories have gone now) and Texstar would like people to move on and use PCLinuxOS-2007

yours johncoom (aka coomjohn at LT)