Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Somebody else's PCLinuxOS Big Daddy VM

I was browsing the VMware site today, and I found a link to a customized PCLinuxOS Big Daddy VM that someone else created. Click here to check it out.


JaraeeZ said...

Hey there, thanks for adding my VMware image link. Hope your readers enjoy it...


rxhui said...

You're most welcome. I enjoyed visiting your site.

I noticed that you have a howto guide for creating a norton ghost 8 network cd, so perhaps you might be interested in trying out the Personal Backup Appliance VM. It may come in handy for you if you need to backup and restore OS installations from a real machine or VM. It works more or less like Ghost, but it uses open source software.


I'd collecting feedback from users before I do my next release.

JaraeeZ said...

Interesting... I will certainly give it a go. Thanks I will provide feed back on how I got on (as & when I get round to it;-)

Thanks again..