Tuesday, August 15, 2006

PBA 1.0.2 - Release Candidate #4

Another release candidate for PBA 1.0.2, release candidate #4. 1.0.2 will be released on 9/1.
The procedure to patch your 1.0.1 installation to 1.0.2-RC4 is the same as with previous release candidates and is described in the readme.txt file in the zip.


In addition to all the changes/fixes from previous release candidates, 1.0.2-RC4 fixes the following:

1. Fixed some potential bootup problems when restoring to a blank hard disk. Some users reported bootup issues when restoring to a blank, zeroed-out hard disk. I believe this issue was due to the undocumented use of the area between the MBR and the start of the first partition. The bootup problem on my notebook went away after I made a change to backup and restore this region. I also hope that this will do away with the need to run fixmbr from the Windows recovery console in scenarios where it was required.

2. added swap file label for centos (mkswap -L)

Please help me test. there will likely be an RC5 in about a week to address other issues, and after that I guess I should refrain from doing anything major to allow for enough time to test before 1.0.2 is cut on 9/1.

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