Monday, August 07, 2006

Personal Backup Appliance 1.0.2-Release Candidate #2

Okay, let's try something new.

I'm getting ready to release 1.0.2 on 9/1, but I'd like to iron out as many bugs as I can, so here's a release candidate so that you can help me test. The files are released as a patch to your existing 1.0.1 PBA VM. It's only about 2MB. The readme.txt file in the zip archive has instructions on how to patch your existing 1.0.1 VM to 1.0.2-RC2. You can download directly from the VM, or you can transfer the file manually by FTP or via the windows shares.

Send feedback, comments, bug reports to

List of Changes in 1.0.2-RC2
- fixed duplicate entries when there's more than one partition
- fixed Grub boot error by adding fixgrub Grub re-install script
- moved some startup files to /etc/rc.local
- no need to run 'sudo /home/vmware/bin/' for hdd upgrade
- add warning if drive does not match original
- few modifications to improve backing up and restoring of BSD filesystems

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