Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Personal Backup Appliance 1.0.1 Issues

With the release of PBA 1.0.1 , the filesystem support has improved a lot. Most notably, there is better NTFS support and support for LVM. But I after some more exhaustive testing, I found some issues. These issues do not break the core functionality of PBA, but they sure annoy me.

1. Windows backups and restores work great, but linux backups and restores on drives with Grub don't do so well. I believe this problem was present in version 1.0.0 also. I already have this fixed in my sandbox, so the next release will have it. See my previous post for a work-around that you can use in the meantime.
2. It appears that you will have additional menu entries for the same item if your drive has more than one partition. While this doesn't break functionality, it is not pretty. This blatant bug in the script will be fixed in the next release also.

Rather than roll out a release right away, I'm compiling a list of other issues to fix before I release 1.0.2 on 9/1. Let me know if you're seeing problems not listed here.


S said...


I had some problems with PBA1.0.1 and 1.0.2RC4.

Neither a backup of Ubuntu 6.06 Server or Windows XP Pro worked.

Both came back with:
failed while processing /dev/[sh]da1
It could be because the partition type is not supported.

Ubuntu is on ext3, and XP on NTFS,

any ideas?

rxhui said...

Please try PBA 1.0.2.